About me. I am a real estate agent with a passion for helping my best clients, like yourself, improve their lives. While my direct service area is the Detroit Tri-County area (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne), I also provide agent referrals nationwide. In fact, most of my business comes from referring clients to other agents because it allows my clients more control over their schedules.

You see, I am a mother of 5 under 8. I’m also a full-time data analyst. It can be difficult to meet you on a short notice. To provide you the best experience, I may refer you to a real estate expert in your area who can better cater to your needs.

I provide further value by sharing wealth-growing insights through my blog and newsletter. I share tips and lessons learned from raising a big family while holding a full-time job and growing a business. My mission is to help people achieve their dream lives and afford their dream homes.

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Erica Lee
Real Estate Agent