In 2022, a working mother of five dreamed of starting her own business. She had already received her real estate salesperson license but didn’t have time to meet with clients. She spent the little free time she had reading and watching everything she could about building profitable businesses. As her youngest weaned and learned to sleep regularly, the mother of five became excited about having time to start her business.

Her excitement rubbed off on the children. They too wanted to start their own businesses. They spent hours brainstorming business ideas and drawing up plans. However, post-COVID, traditional child-friendly business models were risky at best. The mother told her children that in this digital age, internet-based businesses were the way to go.

The mother was determined to teach her children how to build their own businesses. She wanted to make sure her kids had real experience applying business concepts too. So in building her own business, she incorporated in her children’s education.

Grow for More became a family project aimed at providing business education while also serving as a marketplace for the family to develop their skills.